After a homeless guy turned down a job, what happened next MADE THIS REPORTER LAUGH (VIDEO)

homeless guy

Most of us would welcome a chance to better ourselves through hard work and a good job. Some people, however, refuse to work to get any cash, even if they have to beg for it.

A story out of Michigan is so insane, a news reporter couldn’t even believe he was telling it. Don’t worry, however, because the ending is hilarious.

A car dealer in Michigan offered a homeless guy panhandling outside of his business a job, trying to give him a chance at a better life. He offered him $10 an hour to clean the cars at the dealership. Amazingly, the homeless guy turned down the job, saying he made more money panhandling. He even mocked the owner and the workers, saying he made more money than they did.

The dealership owner had the last laugh, however. He posted a sign outside of his business, where the guy panhandles, warning people not to give him money!

Watch the video of this news reporter telling the story. He can hardly believe it.


Kudos, car dealer guy.

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