[VIDEO] Homeless man saves woman hostage but sacrifices his life in the process

Warning – Graphic Content: Degenerate thug takes woman hostage but ends up dead thanks to this guy.

Buzz Pro reports:

A homeless man was fatally shot when he attempted to free a woman who was taken hostage by a Brazilian gunman.

The incident which occurred last September shows a gunman, 49 year-old Luiz Antonio da Silva, in front of a São Paulo cathedral. Antonio da Silva had allegedly taken an innocent woman, Elenilza Mariana de Oliveira, hostage from the cathedral when the police stand-off ensued.

The graphic video below shows an unarmed homeless man who was passing by, 61-year-old Erasmo Francisco Rodrigues de Lima. He apparently decided to intervene to help the woman in need, and he tackled Antonio da Silva.

A very sad ending for the homeless gentleman. He  put up a fight even after being shot. Although one life was saved, he put his on line with this heroic act to save this woman’s life.


h/t Daily Headlines

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