Tiny houses are craze these days. People hate to see homelessness   in our country. It’s even worse when the homeless are the brave men and women who have served this great country. Too often homeless are ex-military. Now, there is a group in Missouri who is taking this marrying these two ideas in a dynamic and powerful way. This is an incredible idea whose time has come.  An organization called Veterans Community project has built an entire village of tiny houses for homeless veterans. This idea is both cost effective and empowering. This has the potential to be replicated from sea to shining sea in the United States.

The idea of using the tiny house revolution to actually solve a serious problem in our country is an answer to prayer. Military veterans make up a remarkably large segment of our nation’s homeless population.

It is a national disgrace that our soldiers who have served our country to protect us in times of war and peace should be cast aside. They’ve been left to fend for themselves with no governmental support, and no support from society beyond the occasional handout.

Veterans Community Project, or VCP, is a Missouri organization that is tackling this problem head on. VCP was founded by three veterans who saw the gaps in services that vets needed to survive in civilian life. Many veterans become homeless after experiencing the trauma of combat. They can’t cope with real life, and end up on the street.

They found a four acre site to work on, and have constructed fifty tiny houses that will serve at least fifty homeless vets. The project does not end when it puts a roof over someone’s head. They offer peer counseling, and job training as a way to help reintegrate veterans back into the community.

This is a community outreach program which works for veterans. It’s not often I get to report something that is working. Perhaps other people in other states will read this story and decide to create a similar program in their community. God bless our vets, and the people who care for them in times of need.

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