Host of Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak SLAMS Hillary Clinton on Twitter – This Happens

Hillary Clinton tells her supporters that she’s just like them. She’s just a regular person who relates to the struggles of everyday Americans. And they believe it. What morons they are.

Hillary tried to prove her point in a photo op at a New York subway station the other day. Yes, she figured if she was seen taking a ride on the subway that that would PROVE she’s like the ordinary American, lol. What a joke…

Her lame attempt was a complete failure. She didn’t even know how to use her Metro Card that was obviously handed to her for the photo-op. It was an extremely awkward moment, to say the least.

Check out Hillary in her average moment, pant-suit and all!

Pat Sajak, who is a CONSERVATIVE and the host of the show “Wheel Of Fortune” (which I admit I like and am actually pretty damn good at) didn’t waste any time to slam her for trying to look like an ordinary, average Joe!

Sajak took to Twitter where he wrote- “Please, professional politicians, stop trying to prove you’re ‘regular people.’ If you have to prove it, you’re not.”


Ordinary Americans don’t own $2000 purses or $20,000 pantsuits for that matter Hillary.

Average Americans don’t get their hair done at the luxury department store, Bergdorf Goodman, where an average cut and blow dry goes for $600.00

Twitter exploded in agreement with what Sajak said – here’s a few.


There’s more.


Hillary Clinton is the furthest thing from being an ‘average American’. She’s a greedy, pathological liar grasping for more money and power.

Not many ‘regular’ people charge $265,000 for a canned, phony speech and get away with murder…should I go on? I think you get the point.



h/t AFF

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