How The Feminist Movement Is DESTROYING Womanhood

On January 21st, thousands of VaginaHeads marched on Washington, D.C. as part of what they called, “The Women’s March.”

Women was a pretty loose term in that group, based on reports from friends and a few pictures I saw, but let’s just suspend our definition for now.

The participants wore pink hats representative of women’s genitalia, because as with all things “feminist,” Dick Heads, aka men, needed to be confronted with equal and opposite.

They say it themselves, as the Women’s March identifies part of their mission as,

“We will not rest until women have parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society.”

These self-declared feminists promote the rights downtrodden females in America, whether we want them to or not. Some of us don’t exactly feel downtrodden. In fact, we rather love America.

Let’s be honest, VaginaHeads are the “dickheads” of women, and they have actually turned on women.

While proclaiming “parity and equality” and “celebrating differences,” these rabid feminist deliberately excluded other women. If a woman is not in lock-step with the VaginaHeads, then they can’t be part of the tribe. Take for example pro-life women.

Women are the cradle of civilization. When God created humans, He decided that some group must act as the vessel to carry our young. God in His infinite wisdom chose women.

One would think all women would see the strength of that honor, but they don’t. Those that do, tend to represent the pro-life movement. Are these women not women as well? Can our views be heard, or do we just want the views of the “hairy underarm” crowd?

Roughly half of the babies for whom we advocate are women, statistically speaking.

Back to the March against Trump and for Inclusion

In Canada a young girl was sexually assaulted by another student, a Syrian refugee. The female vice principal sympathized with the attacker,

“He will become a target in our student population once the rumor mill gets going.”

The child’s mother was told by authorities,

“…To look at the incident from the perspective of the Syrian refugee. This mean considering ‘cultural issues,’ such as the difference in the way Canadian women dress and the ‘flowing hormones’ of a boy in a different country.”

How’s that for representing feminism. Questioning patriarchal society would be the reason for feminism, is it not?

In France, and other areas in Europe, women now have entire areas that are considered “no go zones” (NGZ) for self-protection from radical Islamists who severely restrict the movement of women.

A woman who ignores the NGZs risks rape, bodily harm, or worse. French women also report actively changing how they dress to avoid drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

The French government chose political correctness over protecting the rights of French women and deny the existence of NGZs. This is happening all over Europe.

There was a time when feminism was a sociological term that promoted women’s autonomy and independence. Feminism is defined as “a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.”

Instead of protecting young girls and women from unwanted sexual advances and promoting equal rights of women all over the world, today’s feminist literally buries her head under a “genital” hat, while doing nothing for women in real danger. What the American liberal women’s movement of today has done is boil down hundreds of years and millions of legitimate struggles to one thing, a specific political party.

Meanwhile, women in Canada, Europe, the entire Middle East, and Africa you are on your own. Feminists here are too busy knitting hats and whining about the new president to do anything to help you. But at least you have a few VaginaHeads to help.


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