How political correctness destroys humor in 6 panels.


Months ago Jerry Seinfeld pointed out how college kids were too PC. I shared the story on my personal Facebook and an epic (yet pleasantly and surprisingly civil) discussion ensued. It didn’t take the liberal/conservative divide that you’d expect. One of the most vocal participants on “my side” of the thread is the Joker to my Batman in every other political discussion I’ve had on Facebook.

Basically, it was people with a sense of humor vs. people who are wrong.

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To be sure, the college kids getting their panties in a wad are exclusively liberal (which would be more offensive, that their panties are wadded or that I’m sexist for using the word “panties”…OR that I’m sexist for assuming panties are exclusive to women and men who identify as women – See? I’m trying). Conservative college kids don’t have time to be offended because they’re busy laughing at the jokes. I just thought the dynamic that emerged was interesting.

In any case, the comics who complained such as Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Bill Maher, are liberals themselves. So the point is this, people who disagree with them aren’t more liberal, they’re less so. They’re tyrants without a throne to sit in or subjects to rule over, so they’ll take anything they can get with their self-deluded sense of moral righteousness under the guise of giving voice to the voiceless and liberating the oppressed…by preventing a joke from being told. It’s a notion that is as condescending as it is narcissistic.

Being politically incorrect isn’t synonymous with being an unmitigated jerk, and being politically correct shoudn’t mean avoiding stereotypes at all costs. They exist for a reason, after all. Besides, for all of the self-congratulation the left does about it’s own sense of sensitivity nobody is quicker than a liberal to engage in stereotyping when they lose a debate to conservatives

*queue whiny voice* “Maybe you should get your information from something other than Fox News.”

The response to Seinfeld proves this all of this perfectly (per the link above and here, and per my opponent on my own thread) and was basically this:

(We) college kids arent’ politically correct, just enlightened, if you want us to laugh you need better material.

That’s tantamount Babe Ruth taking advice on hitting home runs from a blind guy with no arms…I’ve got a better idea for these twits, get a sense of humor.

I’m only a decade removed from college myself, and I have no idea what today’s students are getting at other than anything can seem enlightening when you have your head jammed so far up the deep, dark recesses of your own pretentious ass.

It’s not hard to imagine the impossible task of telling jokes to an audience that is SO arrogant they’ve left no room in their souls for humor.

Image source: Jim Benton via Reddit


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