Hundreds of Bikers give Dying Man One Last Ride on a Harley

Bikers Give Man One Last Dying Wish

Jon Stanley

In South Bend, IN a dying man wanted to hear the roar of a Harley Davidson motorcycle one last time. Not only did he get that dying wish, hundreds of anonymous bikers showed up to help.

Jon Stanley, an avid biker for years, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As his time neared, his final wish was to hear a Harley “roar.”

Mr. Stanley, suffering from terminal lung and brain cancer was in his final days. He had just been put on hospice and was fading fast. Friends and family needed to act quickly.

Last Monday night, local biker, David Thompson began trying to fulfill that wish. Thompson posted a request on Facebook for anyone that could help with a ride. Within hours there were hundreds of bikers were interested.

“He was there on a bed and on oxygen. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t communicate,” Thompson told “I told him, ‘I’m going to bring some bikes to you. You hang in there.'”

That evening, those bikers, including friends and family, met at a local store. The group formed a long line of bikes, and rode to Mr. Stanley’s house. As the group drove by in formation, they loudly revved their engines. It is reported the windows were shaking. A sound that sends a rush to any biker’s heart.

The tribute was touching.

The group not only provided one last “roar” but they were able to provide one last ride as well. Someone produced a side-car for Stanley to ride in. The group put Stanley in the side-car and went for that ride.

“You could tell he enjoyed the feeling of that one last rumble,” said Pat Schoff Gragg, one of the bikers who participated in the emotional display. “He was holding on.”

The weather was perfect. It was a beautiful evening with a slight breeze. A great night for a ride for anyone. But the most significant ride many had ever done.

Just hours after Mr. Stanley took that ride and heard the roar, he passed away.

The tribute made by hundreds of anonymous people, organized in just a few hours shows the dedication and community of the Midwest.

In the Midwest, regardless of who is president or the individual’s personal politics,the biker community pulls together to honor a dying man’s last wish.

Community, heart, sincerity and altruism. Bikers from all over the region stopped what they were doing on a Monday night to help a dying man.

Watch the touching video here:

This is the real America.

What do you think about this tribute?

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