HUNDREDS of red ‘communist’ flags were on display at D.C. climate change protest

communist flags

No need to worry about Russian influence in our government anymore. It appears the communists are already here, marching on the White House in full view. The marchers carried flags that seemed inspired by the communist flags were are all familiar with, but they attempted to deny that was the case.

Saturday brought yet another protest against President Trump in Washington D.C., as thousands marched right past the White House. Someone forgot to tell the protesters, however, that the President was out of town at the time.

The Climate Change march was organized by a number of environmental groups who claim not to be directly affiliated with each other. This claim that the march was an organic, grassroots movement falls apart when you see many of the same signs being carried by hundreds of protesters. When you see hundreds of protesters carrying the same mysterious red flag, it is obvious there’s something more at play here.

Rebel Pundit was one of the first to report the wide use of the “red flag” at the march, and immediately made the connection that it was a nod to communism. After all, most of the environmentalists leading the movement openly advocate both communist and socialist principles as part of their plan to save the planet.

Participants in the movement took to social media to deny Rebel Pundit’s claim that the flags stood for communism. The flag itself does not carry the “hammer and sickle” from the old Soviet flag. Instead, it features Native Americans and what appears to be Spanish calling for “resistance.” See for yourself.

communist flags

Many on social media also made the “communist” connection. Red has long been associated with the communist movement, having been used in communist flags and banners for most of the last century. The fact that no one connected to the march seems to be able to explain any other origin for the flag also indicates that there is a communist nod here that they do not want to admit.

Think about it. When you see this flag, doesn’t it remind you of THIS SCENE from Rocky IV?

communist flags

More importantly, if the flags were supposed to represent the environment, why weren’t they green?

H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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