HYPOCRISY MUCH? Obama Halted Refugees For 6 Months in 2011- Liberals Were SILENT!

In 2011 Barack Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months the far left said nothing.  Were there protests in the street? Did you even hear about this fact? The hypocrisy from the left is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Then President Obama banned Iraqi refugees as a result of the discovery that Al-Qaeda terrorists were living as refugees in Kentucky. The Obama administration blocked all Iraqi refugees from entering the US for six months. There were no protests. The news media didn’t even report on it. This is another example of media selective outrage.

This is one of the few instances Barack Obama did the right thing concerning refugees. The Obama State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months. At the time, federal officials told ABC News – the ban effective even for many who had heroically helped U.S. forces as interpreters and intelligence assets. One Iraqi who had aided American troops was assassinated before his refugee application could be processed, because of the immigration delays, two U.S. officials said.

In 2011, fewer than 10,000 Iraqis were resettled as refugees in the U.S., half the number from the year before, according to State Department statistics.

For too long the Obama administration refused to temporarily pause its Syrian refugee resettlement program in the United States, when the fact is his State Department in 2011 stopped processing Iraq refugee requests for six months after the Federal Bureau of Investigation uncovered evidence that several dozen terrorists from Iraq had infiltrated the United States via the refugee program.

President Trump is not just dong the right thing to protect Americans, he is doing the same thing Obama and the democrats did in 2011. The situations are exactly the same. What isn’t exactly the same is the fake outrage by democrats, and the media. It goes to show; it won’t matter what good this president does, it is the democrats along with the help of the mainstream media who will continue this negative narrative against him.

In my view the media is the big loser here, because they won’t stop this one sided news coverage of the president.

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