IDIOT ALERT: ANTIFA Targets “Racist” Statue, But Doesn’t Realize What It REALLY Stands For (MUST-SEE VIDEO)

ANTIFA protesters

This week, America seems to consist mostly of throngs of angry people all trying to get away with as much as they possibly can. It started over the weekend in Charlottesville, and the result was three dead and many more injured. It hasn’t ended yet since some of the offended parties seem bound and determined to take down every historical monument that offends them.

I’m talking, of course, about the ticked off ANTIFA and BLM groups who responded to the neo-Nazis who were out in force. All were flaunting their own brand of racism, and all were, of course, at odds. However, while we haven’t heard any more from the KKK types, the BLM and their supporters have kept the division alive by doubling their efforts to change the landscape of America today.

ANTIFA protesters who consider themselves abused by American history have decided that they’d like to wipe it away completely by taking down every monument of a person who ever owned slaves. Unfortunately for their cause, they don’t seem to be too good at the researching, because a rally in one Atlanta park turned out to be a whole lot of barking up the wrong tree. The statue that they attempted to take down, and significantly damaged, was one that was supposed to encourage peace and healing. Talk about a giant “oops.”

Via Daily Wire:

Antifa protesters marched on Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia this week, bent on destroying the “Confederate monument” they said was encouraging racism in their community. But it was only after they’d vandalized and spray-painted the statue that they realized it was a “peace monument” designed to encourage national healing in the wake of the Civil War.

Monday night, a crowd bearing signs that read “Defend C-ville” marched from one Atlanta park to another, demonstrating against the white supremacists who caused havoc in Charlottesville, North Carolina over the weekend.

Once they got to Piedmont Park, black-clad members of Antifa, attacked the statue, spraying it with paint, putting a chain around its neck, and attempting, unsuccessfully, to drag the giant statute off its base. When they realized they couldn’t topple the behemoth, they disbanded, but not before causing serious damage.

The Associated Press managed to capture the bold and courageous property damage as it happened.

Unfortunately for Antifa, who were clearly to busy opposing fascism to read a plaque at the base of the monument (which is printed with the words, “Cease firing, peace is priceless,”) or do any basic Google research, what they thought was a pro-Confederate memorial turned out to be a monument to peace.

The statue, which depicts an angel guiding a Confederate soldier to lay down his arms, was erected in 1911, well after the Civil War, and a part of an organized effort in Atlanta to encourage peace and healing in the wake of a bloody and destructive era in the state’s history.

While it’s kind of humorous, it’s also kind of fitting. They’re racist against racism, peaceful rioters and encourage healing through violence. To say that they’re oxymoronic would be an unnecessary use of the preface “oxy”. It’s fitting that they’d try to destroy a statue that stands for mending a nation torn apart by racial divide. Maybe they didn’t do it on purpose, but I think they displayed their true intentions just fine with this one. Keep up the good work guys, soon the whole world will see the damage being caused by these supposed “social justice warriors.”

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(Source:  Daily Wire)

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