Idiot California Politician Offers Brilliant Solution to Crime – “Pay Criminals Not To Shoot Us”

California Politician Idiot Michael Tubbs

Of all the stupid politicians in this great country, it seems that most of them tend to be liberal…and most of them tend to live in California. What a coincidence.

It’s no wonder that California is slowly becoming more and more of a hell hole. With their reckless open borders policies and sanctuary cities that accept terrorists, the crime rates have sky-rocketed.

With their ridiculously high minimum wage requirement, thousands of Californians have been losing their jobs to cheaper and more efficient automated machines. Not to mention the disproportionately high number of gangs in California.

Despite California’s incredible level of stupidity, it seems that they haven’t caught on. Just recently, the mayor of Stockton, California advocated for one of the dumbest policies in all of existence. Rather than just imposing harsher penalties on violent offenders, deporting criminals, and stopping the massive immigration problem, he wants to simply pay criminals not to commit crimes.

Wow, because that would work, right? It isn’t like they’re, I don’t know, CRIMINALS! The fact that this man is even in office is mind-boggling. How could somebody so utterly retarded by elected mayor?

KCRA reports:

“Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs condemned the violence in the city over the weekend and is considering a couple different ways to combat crime, including one that pays people not to commit crimes.”

“There were four homicides in Stockton between Monday and Wednesday night, bringing the total number of killings in the city to more than 24.”

According to Neighborhood Scout, Stockton has a safety rating of 4/100. In other words, 96% of cities in the United States are safer than Stockton. The crime rate is roughly 5%, with a whopping 58.09 crimes happening per 1,000 residents.

Wow, I wonder what could be causing this? Could it MAYBE be that these stupid liberal policies ruin everything? Despite the obvious and overwhelming failures of liberal politics, these people aren’t going to catch on any time soon.

“The city is exploring a couple options in the hopes of curbing the number of violent crimes in the city.”

“The first option is out of Detroit called Project Greenlight. In this situation, live cameras would be set up inside and outside of businesses in Stockton, and the cameras would be monitored in real-time from the police headquarters.”

“The second option out of the Bay Area is more controversial. Richmond’s Advance Peace uses taxpayer dollars to pay men with firearm history to not shoot guns.”

Right, because pandering to criminals has worked out really well in the past, hasn’t it? Like that time Europe pandered to Hitler—it’s not like he completely ignored their wishes and went on to kill millions, right?

Giving criminals money to NOT commit crime is quite possibly the dumbest idea in existence. That’s like giving a car thief a car, because he promised not to steal it. It’s like giving radical Islamic terrorists money to fund their operation, but only if they promise not to be terrorists any more.

These liberals are absolutely insane and are going to run this country into the ground if we let them. It’s time to start taking our country back from these morons or else we may not have a country in a few decades.

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