If Hillary Clinton wins the ENTIRE constitution will be at risk

This is why it is IMPERATIVE that a Democrat doesn’t replace Antonin Scalia. If you think the executive branch run by liberals is totally lawless just wait until the last stumbling block to liberal tyranny, the Supreme Court, is packed with a bunch of Obama and Hillary Clinton clones…

This is also why #NeverTrump is so damn foolish. They argue that Trump wont nominate conservatives. At best, for them, that’s an uncertainty. One thing that is certain is that conservatives could at least have some potential influence on his choice, while they would have absolutely none over Hillary. Rather than taking their ball and go home these conservatives should start taking a long view of what will happen with another 4-8 years of leftists packing SCOTUS.

In its 4-4 ruling barring President Obama’s executive order on immigration from going into effect, the Supreme Court proved that Obama was right the first time: He lacked the power to change the law on his own.

As recently as December 2014, the president lectured supporters that the Constitution didn’t allow it: “The notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case.”

Then, a few months later, after Congress again refused to pass the law he wanted, he decided to see if he could get away with it anyway — issuing an order that not only suspended deportation for millions, but also gave them the right to work legally.

Thing is, he was only one high-court vote away from succeeding, because the liberal justices were willing to ignore the Constitution — as Obama himself understood it just two years before — to support liberal policy.

Should Hillary Clinton win in November, she’ll get to fill the Antonin Scalia seat on the court, and likely two more seats soon thereafter. The Supreme Court will no longer stand in the way of the Democratic agenda, even when Democrats lack the votes in Congress.

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h/t The New York Post

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