If it wasn’t for the first amendment this military HATER would need to be voted off the continent

Warning: There is a lot of bad language, but if you’re going to be ugly on the outside I suppose the words bubbling up from the bowels of your soul should mirror that.

As you see, I try below, but there are no words to adequately describe how terrible this video is…

I will never turn my back on the First Amendment because that more than anything else is what makes us so free, but this video is quite tempting on that matter.

Basically this little ignorant ungrateful waste of a person thinks military uniforms are “stupid” and that they “look stupid” (yes, SHE thinks THAT looks stupid), and she (wait a sec…she?) has no respect for people who have fought in war.

In all honesty it was hard to get through the entire 2 minutes. The life of comfort she lives compared to people who live under war and oppression and tyranny was brought to her by those “stupid” men and women in those “stupid” uniforms. She’s so busy basking in the glow of her own stupidity to stop and think about that for just one second, but if she did her entire rant would unravel before her very eyes.

It’s sad. If you decide to watch good luck getting through the entire thing.

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