If liberals feel “triggered” by “Make America Great Again” then they should steer clear of Bill Clinton too… (VIDEOS)

Liberals get really snippy, or “triggered” when they hear the phrase “Make America Great Again.” They presume (incorrectly) that it’s some sort of racist dog whistle for the racists of America (AKA the Republican Party, in their view) to roll back civil rights.

They counter with childish retorts that they think are clever, like “make America hate again,” or hats that say “America was never great”

It’s idiotic, anyone with a functioning brain knows what Trump means by that slogan.

And once upon a time Democrats liked it too.



Think about this, it seems that Bill Clinton first uses this phrase in 1991, the same year we won the Cold War (for those keeping score the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991). The country was in a recession, but that is an inevitable part of the economic cycle that was over in 1992, and it followed the boom of the 80’s. All the while America was becoming increasingly diverse and embracing that diversity.

Given all of that, what on Earth could “make America great again” mean when a Southern Democrat says it in 1991?

Liberal lunatics should be asking that question of the Clintons, not Donald Trump.

h/t Freedom Daily

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