If Obama was serious about protecting children then gun control is the wrong issue to obsess over…


When Obama talks about gun control he has tended to tear up, particularly when it comes to the victims being children. My heart breaks when children are victimized in any way, and that became much more true once I became a father myself.

While I’m not in any way interested in questioning Obama’s sincerity in this regard, I do question his consistency.

When Sandy Hook happened he uttered the quote in the graphic below, and this graphic responded to it.


For all the hype the media gave it his executive actions wont actually amount to much. If Obama was truly serious about saving the lives of children he would advocate something serious about curbing abortion, to say the least.

This isn’t idle partisan chatter, the numbers are devastatingly clear in this regard. Liberals argue that banning abortion would drive it underground, but for some reason guns would be different(?)

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