If there’s a better metaphor for voting liberal, I’d like to see it…


I don’t know who created this, leave a comment if you do. They deserve credit!

This is just perfect because it encapsulates precisely why people continue to fall for everything the left does. The disastrous consequences of their policies don’t manifest overnight…but over a very very long time.

One of the most glaring examples today is our date with destiny via Iran. The nuclear deal Obama is trying to shove down America’s throat might not have every come into existence in the first place if Jimmy Carter did his part to not allow the Shah to be overthrown during his administration.

If people in the late 70’s decried the rise of the Ayatollahs as the start of a nuclear Iran even conservatives would have laughed it off…but like the tree in the picture above, such dangers take time to grow.

And it has.


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