Illegal Immigrant kills college student, and ICE doesn’t detain him for the worst reason ever…

It’s stories like this just boil my blood, and they make the arguments of people who want to romanticize illegal immigration totally invalid. Emphasis in bold is mine:

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said that an illegal immigrant who killed a woman in a car crash while street racing in Nebraska was not detained by immigration officials because the offense did ‘not constitute a crime of violence’.

You read that right. A drunk driving accident that killed this beautiful young woman:

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Was NOT an act of violence.

Edwin Mejia, 19, faces up to 20 years in prison for his role in a fatal crash that killed 21-year-old Sarah Root on January 31 in Omaha, WOWT reported.

Authorities say Mejia was drunk and street racing another vehicle when his truck slammed into the back of a stopped SUV that Root was driving.

His blood alcohol content level at the time was .241, which is four times the legal limit to drive, WOWT reported.
In addition, Mejia was driving on a suspended license and faces a motor vehicle homicide charge.

Douglas County Judge Jeff Marcuzzo set Mejia’s bail at 10 per cent of $50,000, which means he only had to post $5,000 cash to be released.

According to, Mejia did not show up to his required twice-daily urine tests and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

ICE has not added him to their ‘Most Wanted’ list, Fox News reported.

Remember this, which is one of many others like it, when some liberal narcissist who defends the criminal act of someone being in this country illegally because it makes them feel tolerant and open-minded, so they welcome them with open arms. Their “compassion” has blood on its hands.

h/t The Daily Mail

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