Incontrovertible proof Hollywood liberals are vegetables with voiceboxes

So celebrities have been enlisted to convince people that Iran should have nuclear weapons.

The level of stupid of this video is one rung…maybe two…above the girl who thought Morgan Freeman was Nelson Mandela.

How ironic is it that Freeman stars in the runner up to such ignorance.

If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to watch here’s the shorter version:

A bunch of people who make a living being told what to say without thinking are made to read from a script that told them to say without thinking we should tell Congress to approve Western civilization’s death warrant. We should do this by handing the keys to the nuke train, without thinking, over to theocratic psychopaths bent on global Islamic supremacy and have explicitly called for the end of the west, and America specifically.

Oh, and the only alternative…THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE, to this deal (without thinking) is war with Iran.


Some might think it’s unfair, and even wrong, to suggest that just because actors follow scripts when they’re not spending time watering the garden of narcissism always growing in their minds that they don’t think for themselves. They very well might REALLY believe that Barack Obama’s vision for the Middle East should include nuclear enabled terrorists.

Fine, but for their own sake they should go with mindless puppet or mindless idiot.

Video via Powerline


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