INSANE: Hillary’s Minimum Wage – Her Own



Let’s see if I’ve got this right. Hillary made $560,500 just in one day (10/14/14) in speaking fees. That’s about ten years’ income for the ordinary American fortunate enough to be punching a time clock. With these figures below, she’s continues serenading us with her Socialist theme song.


Hillary Speeches

Total….$10.7 Million!!!


Hillary claims she’s going to go after Wall Street. Right.


Are your Democrat cousins, brother, sister and neighbors buying into this? Buying into how Hillary is just like the ordinary people? She was broke and struggling when she bought her 5 bedroom house in New York while running for the Senate? She was also broke when she left the White House and so on?

All these so-called ‘speeches’ to hear Clinton squawk (if in fact did she them all) are merely payments to a corrupt politician who now owes these corporations favors. Oh, but remember she’s for blue collar and poor people right? Right.

No wonder Hillary won’t turn over the transcripts for her ‘speeches’.

WAKE UP peasants!

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