INSANE MSNBC Claim: The Electoral College is Racist! (VIDEO)


MSNBC is suddenly no longer a fan of the electoral college, now that it cost their savior Hillary Clinton the White House.

This morning on the AM Joy Show on MSNBC, Heather McGhee, founder of the liberal policy center Demos, claimed the electoral college is a racist institution. She claimed it was created to appease slave-holding states and allow them to hold on to power. We really can’t explain her statements to you. Not only do they not match historical fact, they conveniently overlook the fact that the same electorate that gave Trump the electoral win also gave it to a black man. Twice.

Watch the video yourself and figure out how this makes any sense. Note also that MSNBC host Joy Reid never bothers to correct her or challenge her “facts.”

Liberals. They never learn.

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