VIDEO: Congress Dems BLATANTLY DISRESPECT Donald Trump, He Gets Standing Ovations From Republicans

trump address congress democrats sit

This just in—as president Trump entered the room to address congress this evening, he was met with thunderous applause…by the Republicans.

The Democrats were not so happy, and even had the audacity to sit down before Trump was able to enter the chamber. Yes, they stood up initially for several seconds to acknowledge the fact that he’d entered the room, but very quickly sat back down on their butts right afterwards.

The Republican party, however, seemed ecstatic to see this pro-American, anti-globalist leader enter the room:

The Democrat women dressed in all white are protesting something, I would assume, but I just don’t know what. Last week it was Islamophobia, before that it was a crude joke Trump made 19 years ago…now what? Who knows.

Regardless, the Democrats in congress seem intent on openly disrespecting Donald Trump. What are your thoughts?

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