Internet ERUPTS After SNL Skit Goes WAY TOO FAR- Did You Catch It? [VID]

Saturday Night Live Ivanka sketch

The New York liberals of Saturday Night Live lecture the rest of America for their treatment of women, but seem to overlook their own transgressions.

Take, for example, their behavior on last night’s show. They attacked Ivanka Trump, solely for the crime of being Donald Trump’s daughter.

Last night, the show used host Scarlett Johansson to portray Ivanka in a sketch that wasn’t particularly funny, but highlighted just how hypocritical they are in their treatment of women. The latest Saturday Night Live Ivanka sketch is proof of that. They mock her clothes and shoe line by portraying her as hocking a fragrance called “Complicit,” a slam on Trump’s supposed lawbreaking.

Every week, the once-beloved comedy sketch show hits a new level of pettiness in its war on Trump. Presidents have always been a focus of ridicule on the show, and President Trump certainly provides some material for easy jokes. In recent weeks, however, the show has turned nasty, vindictive, and sexist in an attempt to attack Trump.

The sexist attacks are especially hypocritical, given the show’s outrage over President Trump’s past comments on women. Lately, the show has taken to mocking and ridiculing Melania Trump and Kellyanne Conway solely for their association with the President. Conway in particular has been mocked over her looks and portrayed as a crazy, obsessed stalker. They are the kinds of characterizations that would spark protests from feminists, if they were mocking other liberals.

Here is the video.

The lack of self-awareness here is amazing. It is this kind of self-righteous condescension that helped get Donald Trump elected in the first place.

Don’t be surprised if Ivanka’s clothing and show line gets another bump from this latest attack from Hollywood.

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