Anti-Trump HYPOCRITES Burn FREE SPEECH Signs and Viciously BEAT SUPPORTERS at Berkeley

This weekend’s pro-Trump rally at Berkeley turned violent, after a group of anti-Trump protesters attacked participants. The protesters upset over Trump’s so-called “fascism” had an ironic moment, however, when they burned a “free speech” sign.

There has already been extensive media coverage of the rallies held nationwide on Saturday, dubbed “March 4 Trump.” Many of the rallies saw counter-protesters, and in those instances, the anti-Trump brigade used violence to disrupt. Violence and arrests were reported in numerous cities, including  St. Paul, Minnesota, and Seattle, Washington.

Yahoo News reported on the violence and the aftermath at the Berkeley rally.

In Berkeley, California, several fights erupted with many people needing medical treatment for cuts and bruises. Counter protestors threw eggs and burned the American flag. Police arrested 10 people after opponents clashed, leaving seven people injured.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Berkeley protest was especially ugly, which left many Trump supporters beaten.

free speech sign burned

Then there was the ironic moment when a free speech sign burned, because protesters attempted to stifle free speech for everyone but themselves, chanting “f**k free speech.”

Here is the video; however, there is strong language not safe for work.

The person responsible for burning the sign has not yet been identified, however, ten people are under arrest.

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