IRONY! WILD PORK are attacking AND KILLING ISIS fighters in Iraq

ISIS boar attack

USA Today is reporting a story many will find hard to believe: a group of wild boars in Iraq attacked a group of ISIS militants, killing three and injuring five more. That’s more dedication than President Obama had against ISIS in eight years of his presidency.

ISIS is feeling the heat from the United States military now that President Donald Trump has freed them from restrictive rules of engagement. Now, ISIS also has to deal with a new problem: wild boar are attacking them in the Iraq wilderness. They just aren’t being attacked. THEY ARE BEING TRAMPLED TO DEATH.

It begs the question: if a Muslim is killed by pork, does he still get 72 virgins?

Here are the details from USA Today on the ISIS boar attack.

Three Islamic State militants setting up an ambush in a bitterly contested area of northern Iraq were killed by a herd of stampeding boars, local leaders say.

Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the local Ubaid tribe and supervisor of anti-ISIS forces, told The Times of London the militants were hiding on the edge of a field about 50 miles southwest of Kirkuk when the boars overwhelmed them Sunday. Five other militants were injured, al-Assi said. He said the group was poised to attack a band of local tribesmen who had fled to nearby mountains since militants seized the town of Hawija three years ago.

“It is likely their movement disturbed a herd of wild pigs, which inhabit the area as well as the nearby cornfields,” he said.

The ISIS members who were attacked were part of a group that were killing Iraqi villagers as they tried to leave the area because of the fighting. It is believed that they had just killed 25 innocent civilians who were trying to flee the violence.

In the Bible, God used a talking donkey to get the attention of Balaam. He used a whale to remind Jonah of the right thing to do. So why not use boar to give ISIS the death they deserve?

H/T: When Liberals Attack

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