Is Hillary Suffering from A More Serious Condition known as CVT?

Is Hillary suffering from pneumonia or a more serious condition brought on by the concussion? Could Hillary be suffering the effects of a stroke she hasn’t told the public about?  Watch THE ABOVE video carefully.


This is what we know: Hillary Clinton’s health is a topic of growing concern after the she left the 9/11 memorial ceremony early on September 11 after feeling “overheated,” according to her campaign. Later the campaign backtracked and said “her doctor has diagnosed her with pneumonia” The Video of Clinton being shepherded into a black van, her knees buckling under her, and aides assisting her into a van, has gone viral on the Internet. Clinton’s campaign has insisted she is feeling better, and Clinton was photographed waving to the cameras after the medical episode. The drama, though, fed into a months-long narrative by many that Hillary’s health concerns have been downplayed by the media and are more serious than is known, which her campaign denies.

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It’s sparked speculation about who might replace Clinton if she were to drop out (Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, perhaps), as well as wild theorizing about her health, including whether she could have Parkinson’s disease, or something else. I researched CVT and it appears to me those are her symptoms. Hillary’s concussion was widely publicized at the time.

Bill Clinton says Hillary had a very serious concussion.



  1. According to The New York Times, Bardack, Clinton’s doctor, said she had a cough relating to allergies.  The Times said the “prolonged cough” helped lead to the pneumonia diagnosis.
    NBC News reported that Clinton “has suffered from coughing fits at times throughout the Democratic presidential primary.” Aides have blamed allergies, said NBC. Videos (see above) of Clinton coughing on the campaign trail have gone viral.
  2. According to McClatchy, Clinton fainted and suffered a concussion in 2012 “after suffering from a stomach virus and dehydration that prevented her from initially testifying before Congress” on the Bengahzi terror attack.
  3. ABC News said Clinton “wore glasses for a period of time to help her with a double vision issue” as a result of the concussion, which took her six months to recover from, this came right out of her husbands mouth.  The former President Bill Clinton.
  4. In 2012, The New York Times reported that Clinton was discharged from the hospital after suffering a blood clot.
  5. The blood clot was a “potentially serious” blockage in a vein in Hillary’s head, and it required several days of treatment after being discovered during post-concussion follow-up care, said The Times.


Long-term Prognosis in Cerebral Venous Thrombosis

Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) has for many years been diagnosed mainly at autopsy. This has led to the description of a very rare and lethal disease characterized clinically by headache, papilledema, seizures, focal deficits, coma, and death and pathologically by hemorrhagic infarction contraindicating the use of anticoagulants.1 2 3 4 The introduction and widespread use of cerebral angiography,5 CT of the brain, and more recently MRI6 made early diagnosis of CVT possible and completely modified our knowledge of this condition.7 8 Whereas in the early literature mortality still ranked between 30% and 50%,1 2 4 it was between 5.5% and 30% in more recently.6 7 8 9 10

Very little is known about the long-term outcome of patients with CVT, since there is no study specifically dedicated to the subject. We report the long-term prognosis of 77 patients with CVT from the above-mentioned series of 110 patients.8

We must continue to watch and question Hillary about her health. We can’t have someone in the White House who isn’t well enough to carry the duties of President. It’s truly disturbing how we can’t get the truth out of Hillary Clinton or the Clinton people about ANYTHING!

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