Is self-implosion Jeb Bush’s exit strategy?



After reading this from Powerline I have to wonder…

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Bush has turned into a negative, anti-Republican force…In particular, he is engaged in an obsessive and destructive vendetta against Marco Rubio, who, unlike Bush, is a serious candidate for the nomination. Following his unsuccessful attack on Rubio during the CNBC debate, Bush has doubled down on his claim that Rubio has missed too many Senate votes…Actually, Rubio has been present for more votes than most, or maybe all, senators who have recently run for the presidency…(he) has made the important votes. Jeb Bush knows all of this, so for him to repeat the Democratic Party’s attack on Rubio is unforgivable…At this point, Bush’s continuing his fruitless campaign serves no one except the Democrats. If he can’t stop attacking his fellow Republicans, he should do the right thing and retire gracefully from the field.

If this were the 30+ years ago, or even 20 years ago, Jeb could rely on the liberal bias of the mainstream media to have his back on this moronic attack against Rubio. His chances of success back then would have been pretty good, if not great.

After all of the negative press he’s received over this – even the liberal rags acknowledge that Rubio served him his head on his own platinum platter – it is beyond mystifying that he would continue to repeat it. I haven’t seen that kind of awkwardness since I was in 7th grade asking a girl to dance with me…“Don’t say anything stupid, don’t say anything stu-DOH!”

Each time he repeats this attack on Rubio he reveals to his supporters what the rest of us see each time he opens his mouth period, that his campaign shrivels more and more. So, either he is totally unaware of the power of new media, which cuts through such intellectually dishonest attacks like a laser beam through warm butter (or Hillary’s laugh through sanity, I wasn’t sure which to go with), or there’s something else at play here.

It keeps being said that his campaign still has a ton of money to burn, and that’s exactly what he is doing continuing on like this. If he’s an embarrassing wiener arguing with his allies imagine what he’ll do in a debate with Hillary where people wont even hear his whispered feebleness over that sound of the moderators rubbing her feet…

Nobody wants to replenish that campaign’s bank account…but if as it’s deciding that the campaign should go into some crazy skid that’s self-inflicted so he could avoid the kind of embarrassment that Scott Walker faced with a seemingly abrupt exit. A slow, painful death that people might have sympathy for rather than disdain.

Even then, that doesn’t make any sense. One would think the Bushes have more pride than to allow for that. Maybe I’m projecting too much of myself into this, because it would be tough for me to choose “willfully tone deaf” over “managed decline.”

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