‘ISIS BOY’ THREATENS PRESIDENT TRUMP, Claims to be American (New Video)

ISIS boy

The young boy shown in a new ISIS video is possibly an American child of a former U.S. soldier who fought in Iraq, media sources are reporting. It is a disturbing new development in the War on Terror, which comes just as President Trump orders a surge in Afghanistan to wipe out the Taliban.

The video shows a young boy going through ISIS military training, including practicing firing a gun. He also makes threats to President Trump and promises the war on the United States will continue. He says the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq will come to American shores. “My message to Trump, the puppet of the Jews: Allah promised us victory, promised you defeat,” he says in a propaganda video.

While ISIS seems to think the video will demoralize the American people against a renewed focus on ground troops and air strikes to fight them, the response has been the opposite. The video has stunned and horrified many, and has strengthened resolve to win the war.

Although the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and the war in Iraq and Syria against ISIS are two very different fronts, President Trump has committed to a surge in both cases. In just the first few months of his administration, military strikes on terrorist targets are up significantly, compared to the Obama era.

Children have long been used by ISIS, as they are expendable fighters in a war that relies on suicide attacks. This is the first time, however, that an American child has been used, although his nationality has not been confirmed.

CBS News has more.

Facing all-but guaranteed defeat in their last urban stronghold, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) extremists seem to be relying more heavily on the youngest of their recruits to carryout both attacks, and deliver their propaganda.

For the first time, a child of purported U.S. origin has been put in front of ISIS cameras as a mouthpiece for the terror group.

His message, clearly crafted by adults, seems to acknowledge the terror network’s weakening grasp on the vast swath of territory it once held across Syria and northern Iraq, warning President Trump by name that the battle, “is not gonna end in Raqqa or Mosul,” but rather “in your lands.”

The ISIS propaganda video featuring the alleged American ISIS “cub” was released online Wednesday by the terror group’s media operation in Raqqa, Syria.

It came out one day after the terror group published photos online of a purported suicide bomber in Iraq, who appeared to be in his early teens, if not younger.

CBS News cannot confirm the claims made in the ISIS video, including that it was shot in Raqqa and that the boy who appears in it came to Syria with his mother two years ago, when he was eight. He says his father is a member of the U.S. military who fought in Iraq.

Here is video of a news report from CBS News of ISIS boy.

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