ISIS fighter tries to escape Iraq by dressing as a woman, doesn’t get far (MUST SEE PHOTO)

ISIS fighter

Perhaps the weirdest story to come out of Iraq recently is the tale of the not-so-clever ISIS fighter. The Iraqi army recently declared victory over ISIS in the country, as their stronghold in Mosul was destroyed. A number of ISIS fighters tried desperately to flee the city and avoid capture and execution. One fighter took his efforts a bit too far, and they backfired spectacularly.

The unidentified ISIS fighter pictured below was recently caught trying to escape Mosul by dressing as a woman. He even donned heavy makeup to sell the look, but he ran into trouble when Iraqi authorities noticed his beard.

That’s right – the terrorist didn’t shave his beard, only trimmed it down a bit. It didn’t work. He also wore a bright blue woman’s dress, which only attracted more attention. He was quickly detained by authorities (who took the picture) and he now sits in an Iraqi prison.

From the news report:

Hordes of ISIS fighters are desperate to dodge capture after the city was freed from the brutal terror group.

They have been resorting to all kinds of tricks to slide past the authorities and many have taken to dressing-up as women to elude detection.

One painted his face with thick make-up and wore a padded bra to give himself feminine curves.

But his thick carpet of chest hair was clearly visible through his vest.

Here’s the picture. It is both disturbing and hilarious.

ISIS fighter

Sweet fancy Moses. That’s hideous!

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