It takes a conservative to show liberals they’re SO bad at being offended


This is fantastic. I’ve always wondered how liberals have the energy to be so offended, and here comes George Will to show them they’re still in amateur hour when it comes to finding offense in everything, because apparently they’re missing A LOT of things.

A Progressive’s Guide to Political CorrectnessIs there a point where the P.C. Police would be satisfied? Are there ever “enough” rules governing the jokes we tell, the mascots of sports teams, or the symbols on city seals? Or should we want a society as non-offensive as the American college campus? George Will, Washington Post Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, imagines what the left’s idyllic politically correct universe would look like.#Redskins #SouthPark #Microaggression #Mizzou Washington Redskins

Posted by PragerU on Monday, February 15, 2016

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