JACKASS ALERT: Bar owner offers free whiskey for life IF YOU PUNCH STEVE BANNON

punch Steve Bannon

A Portland bar is offering customers free whiskey for life if you punch Steve Bannon. We have the contact information listed below for anyone wishing to pass along their feelings about the matter to ownership.

The bar, called Paydirt, is owned by Ezra Caraeff, who initially tweeted out his support for the offer on his bar’s receipts. His Twitter account, @ezra_ace, is now protected, hiding his tweets from public view. Other owners of the bar include John Naekel (@jnaekel, which has also gone conveniently dark) and Chip Addabbo.

The offer first came to light on Twitter. Forbes writer Maury Brown first tweeted the picture with the offer, with the notation “Whiskey bar in Portland for the win.” Nice attitude there, Forbes writer.

Cassandra Fairbanks of Big League Politics reports.

The bar, called Paydirt, is now printing the offer on the bottom of their receipts.

Imagine the outrage if someone on the right solicited violence against anyone in the Obama administration, they would immediately be branded domestic right-wing terrorists. Somehow, seemingly endless calls for violence against the Trump administration are not only acceptable among the left, it is celebrated.

Located at 2724 NE Pacific, Paydirt previously donated a portion of their inauguration day sales to Planned Parenthood.

“Inauguration Day is not going to be easy. We’ll be donating a portion of ALL sales this Friday to Planned Parenthood. Come drink with us,” the bar advertised on their Twitter account.

On election night, the bar offered a free champagne toast to the “future Madame President.”

“Election Night at Paydirt: Free champagne toast to our future Madame President. And if that doesn’t happen? Whiskey!” Paydirt advertised.

The bar also featured a Trump pinata and a cocktail special that they named the “Chillary Clinton,” made with Bombay Sapphire, St. Germain, Blackberry Muir, Lemon, and Sugar.

The establishment frequently uses anti-Trump imagery in their advertisements, clearly unconcerned about alienating people with differing political views.

Here is the contact information for The Paydirt Bar, which has now gone dark on Twitter.

2724 NE Pacific

Portland, OR 97232



Click here to visit their Instagram page.

Ezra Caraeff also owns The Old Gold Bar. Here’s the contact info:

The Old Gold

2105 N. Killingsworth


Click here to visit The Old Gold’s Facebook page and leave feedback.

The email address for The Old Gold is [email protected]

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