James Woods Confronts Trump-Basher Patton Oswalt at Awards Show (MUST SEE VIDEO)

James Woods

At last night’s Writer’s Guild Awards, host Patton Oswalt decided to criticize President Donald Trump. He got more than he bargained for, however, when James Woods climbed on the stage to confront him. You have to see the video.

Oswalt, an actor and comedian, has been a vocal critic of President Trump and conservatives in general. He opened the awards show discussing Trump, and then mentioned James Woods. The veteran actor has been one of President Trump’s most high-profile defenders. He often takes to Twitter to put liberals and Democrats in their place.

During his monologue, Oswalt said he was afraid to bash Trump, because Woods would beat him up. Woods’ reaction is priceless.

Woods, who is sitting just feet away from Oswalt, climbs on stage to confront him. Rather than trying to argue politics, he completely steals the show.

Watch the video for yourself. Be warned – the language is uncensored and not safe for work.

Later, Oswalt seemed to actually enjoy the exchange. Afterward, he tweeted that the two talked backstage and joked around. He also tweeted this.


Thank you, James Woods, for making awards shows watchable again. Possibly… maybe not.

What do you think of James Woods’ reaction to Patton Oswalt? Let us know in the comments, because we want to hear form you!

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