Jeb Bush’s position on Syrian refugees shows he doesn’t really want the presidency


Sometime after the third GOP debate I speculated that self-implosion might be an exit strategy for Jeb Bush…I’m starting to wonder if I’m right.

Maybe he truly believes the following statement he issued, or maybe he’s forgotten that he’s not supposed to go full-tilt RINO until he wins the nomination.

Either way it ain’t happening now.

Jeb Bush said he wouldn’t ban Syrian refugees from entering the U.S., separating himself from most Republican governors and his party’s presidential field as he pitched himself as the most experienced candidate running for the nomination.

“The answer to this is not to ban people from coming,” Bush said Tuesday in an interview with Mark Halperin and John Heilemann for Bloomberg Politics’ With All Due Respect. “The answer is to lead, to resolve the problem in Syria….”

“But I don’t think we should eliminate our support for refugees,” Bush added. “It’s been a noble tradition in our country for many years.”

Liberals can scoff at the notion rational people have that letting in refugees from a part of the world that sponsors and fosters terrorism is a terrible idea, but at least one liberal has taken his head out of his rectum on this…if only half way.

Here’s the thing: to the average person, it seems perfectly reasonable to be suspicious of admitting Syrian refugees to the country. We know that ISIS would like to attack the US. We know that ISIS probably has the wherewithal to infiltrate a few of its people into the flood of refugees…So it doesn’t seem xenophobic or crazy to call for an end to accepting Syrian refugees. It seems like simple common sense. After all, things changed after Paris…Mocking Republicans over this—as liberals spent much of yesterday doing on my Twitter stream—seems absurdly out of touch to a lot of people…It makes them wonder if Democrats seriously see no problem here. Do they care at all about national security? Are they really that detached from reality?

Blocking their entrance doesn’t seem like common sense, it IS common sense.

The liberal mockery of those they brainlessly label “racist” over this doesn’t seem out of touch with reality, it IS out of touch.

One of the (many clueless) comments at the Mother Jones article explains away that people become conservative when they are fearful. That’s simplistic, and overall wrong. Fear informs our judgment, it’s supposed to. Liberals boast that the truth has a liberal bias, and nothing belies that assertion more than their reckless willingness to unwittingly open their arms to ISIS.

To be sure, most refugees are just looking for shelter and safety. Decent people sympathize with their plight even if we can’t even fathom it, but to ignore the fear and terror caused by ISIS attacks in Paris, and everywhere else for that matter, is to be out of touch with the reality one is faced with.

The reason most “normal” people would side with conservatives standing against giving ISIS an opportunity to go with the refugee flow is that they see adult-like judgement being exercised against a reckless policy (which is a false choice – See point #7 – to begin with). Fear has nothing to do with choosing conservatism, it’s the acceptance of truth, because the truth actually has a conservative bias.

Meanwhile Jeb Bush is all too glad to join the left on this, because he simply isn’t serious about being president, much less the GOP nominee.

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