Jill Stein is Hillary’s puppet by demanding a recount: here’s why!

Jill Stein recount

Jill Stein recount

If there’s one thing we know for certain about the Jill Stein recount controversy, it is that she is not in it for herself.

Even Hillary Clinton supporters admit that the call by Stein, the Green Party candidate, to recount the votes benefits the Democratic candidate. Clinton, however, needs to avoid the negative publicity of calling for a recount after conceding the election. She also wants to avoid the media showing a clip of her mocking Donald Trump’s claim that he would challenge the election results if he thought there was impropriety. Clinton said such a claim would undermine democracy.

However, that is exactly what Hillary Clinton needs to do now – challenge the results of an election she already admitted she lost. To do that, she needs a willing stooge to carry out her wishes. Enter Jill Stein.

Stein has no chance of picking up many (if any) votes in any of the three states in which she is demanding a recount. However, it is awfully convenient that she is requesting a recount in the three states Hillary Clinton absolutely needs to take the election from Donald Trump. The three states – Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania – were strong blue states that Trump won in an upset. Those three states were won by small margins and award enough delegates to give Clinton the Presidency should a recount change the results.


There isn’t direct evidence that the Clinton and Stein campaigns colluded to force a recount to favor Clinton. Because of that, some may argue that there is no motivation for a Jill Stein recount that would benefit Clinton. However, there is one big reason why Stein would do this for Clinton.

Make that five million reasons.

Jill Stein announced Saturday that the Green Party had raised over $5 million for their recount efforts. There is, however, a catch. Fees for funding recounts in all three states will cost $2.2 million, with another $1 million in legal fees. After changes in the “fine print” of their fundraising appeal, it is clear that the extra money will just go back into the pockets of the Green Party to fund their “efforts.” According to PoliticsUSA.com, the Green Party states this about any surplus money that they will have.

If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.

A quick look at the election results shows just how pointless a Jill Stein recount is. It also shows just why Hillary would want one.



Donald Trump   2,279,805

Hillary Clinton   2,268,193

Jill Stein   50,700

Difference: Trump 10,000+


Donald Trump   1,409,467

Hillary Clinton   1,382,210

Jill Stein   30,980

Difference: Trump 27,000+


Donald Trump   2,912,941

Hillary Clinton   2,844,705

Jill Stein   48,912

Difference: Trump 68,000+

In all three states, Stein came in fourth place in each state, earning only 1% of the vote.

If Stein really wanted to elevate her finish, she would ask for recounts in these states, where she had strong showings and finished above 1%. There is, however, one reason she doesn’t. Hillary Clinton won all three, in closer finishes than the states that are being contested.


Hillary Clinton   348,521

Donald Trump   345,789

Jill Stein   6,416

Difference: Clinton 2,700+


Hillary Clinton   354,873

Donald Trump   334,838

Jill Stein   14,075

Difference: Clinton 20,000+


Hillary Clinton   235,581

Donald Trump   185,103

Jill Stein   6,100

Difference: Clinton 50,000+

In those states where Hillary Clinton won by only a few thousand votes, we see no challenges by Stein.

Even if there is a recount in all three states, it is highly unlikely that Clinton narrows the gap by much, and a win is nearly impossible. The entire Jill Stein recount is a ploy to Clinton voters to sell the idea that voting in those states were rigged. In addition, it allows Democrat voters a way to channel their anger over losing, and Stein plays along to build a political war chest.

Political gamesmanship like this from the Clinton campaign is what voters rejected. And it is more proof that Donald Trump’s win was a mandate on Clinton, Democrats, and the Obama era.

H/T: Fox News

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