Joe Biden’s Niece Steals $110,000 in GRAND LARCENY! Gets 10 DAYS of COMMUNITY SERVICE!

Joe Biden Niece grand larceny caroline biden

While the far Left is complaining about how Trump’s family is corrupt, and about his “ties to Russia,” their own elected officials are practicing nepotism and getting their friends off for heinous crimes.

Recently, Caroline Biden, Joe Biden’s niece, managed to avoid doing jail time, despite committing grand larceny over credit card theft. She admitted to using a borrowed credit card and opening a customer account at a New York City drug store, spending $110,000 over the course of a year.

This is a MASSIVE crime, legally categorized as “Fourth Degree Grand Larceny,” in the state of New York. A crime like this would have landed any other US citizen in jail for up to 4 years, but because of these crooked Democrats’ connections, she’s getting off with just 10 days of community service, in addition to having to pay back her debts.

According to a reputable New York law site:

“An E felony, Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree is punishable by…a maximum term of one and one third to four years in state prison. If you are a predicate felon, generally meaning you have a felony conviction within the last ten years, the mandatory minimum term of prison is one and one half to three years in prison while the maximum is two to four years in state prison.”

Yet, despite spending over $100,000 in someone else’s credit card, Caroline Biden got off with almost nothing. According to CBS News, she has agreed to “…get two years’ probation if she repays the money, does 10 days of community service, and avoids re-arrest for a year.”

This lenient sentencing is angering many Americans, especially when you include the fact that Caroline Biden has had numerous run-ins with law enforcement before. In 2013, she was charged with striking a New York City police officer, and was arrested on charges of obstructing governmental administration, harassment, and resisting arrest.

CBS news reports:

“(CBS) NEW YORK – The niece of Vice President Joe Biden was taken into custody in New York City after she apparently got into a fight with her roommate over rent Tuesday morning, reports CBS New York.

“Caroline Biden, 26, tussled with officers after they tried to take her into custody, police said, according to the station.”

“She was expected to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon on charges of obstructing government administration, resisting arrest and harassment, 1010 WINS reports.”

“There was no comment from the Vice President’s office.”

Despite this obvious temper tantrum, and ASSAULTING a New York City police officer, Caroline Biden was let off after her lawyer claimed she had an “anger problem,” and the charges were dropped. CBS reports that she “…got treatment,” for this supposed problem, and the case “…was dismissed.”

Conservatives all across the nation are absolutely ENRAGED that the liberal elite can get off with a slap on the wrist, meanwhile if any other citizen had done 1/4th of their crimes, there would be terrible consequences.

From Hillary’s scandals in Benghazi and her email server, to Obama’s involvement with the creation of ISIS, to now this, many conservatives are calling for change.

To make matters worse, liberals attack President Trump over COMPLETELY made up charges, that have ZERO evidence, such as the claim that he’s a Russian spy.

If you’re FURIOUS that Joe Biden’s niece got a slap on the wrist for GRAND LARCENY of $110,000 then please give this article a share! Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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