Journalist Asks Hillary “What Happened to Seth Rich” – Look How She Reacts

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After Seth Rich was revealed to be the DNC leaker, many conservatives became suspicious over his mysterious death. While officials have ruled it a mugging-gone-wrong, many have pointed out that the facts don’t add up.

For starters, none of his belongings were taken—his watch, his wallet, his cell phone, it was all left completely intact. This has left the “mugging” theory completely void of any evidence, and while it could have been something else, many believe he was assassinated in response to him leaking high level information.

Although there’s no “smoking gun,” or definitive evidence, many have pointed out that the coincidences are far too many to ignore. Info Wars has previously reported on the numerous odd relationships between the DNC leaks, Seth Rich, his murder, and other high ranking officials.

A team of independent investigators looking into the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich have concluded his death was not a random homicide.

On Tuesday The Profiling Project, made up of various George Washington University forensic psychology grad students, released an executive summary of its initial findings, among which they claim Rich’s June 10, 2016, death “does not appear to be a robbery gone bad.”

“The goal of PP was to create as strong a profile of Seth Rich as possible,” the group explains. “That profile would then be compared to the various profiles of the theories surrounding Seth’s death.”

“[Seth’s] death was more likely committed by a hired killer or serial murderer,” the Profiling Project concluded.

Three months ago The Project took up the investigation into Rich’s high-profile homicide with the goal of identifying at least “one, new, actionable piece of information” which could aid Washington DC Police Department homicide detectives.

“On May 8, 2017 PP accomplished its’ goal by locating an additional security camera at the Flagler Market which was observed on May 4, 2017 to have a clear view of the intersection of W St. NW and Flagler Place NW,” the group states.

The investigation also found Seth’s killer would have had an “in-depth understanding of law-enforcement procedures” due to an “actively managed” crime scene which left behind no evidence.

“The crime scene was very organized to the point of being sanitized,” the project’s summary states. “This would indicate careful planning on the part of the offender, control of the entry to and exit from the crime scene as well as in-depth understanding of law-enforcement investigative processes.”

“Such an Offender would lend to the notion that Seth was targeted, as the experienced criminal would leave little to chance,” the group writes elsewhere in its report.

Upon investigation it appears that there’s numerous strange coincidences that the media seems to keep dismissing. All of the evidence seems to point towards Seth Rich being murdered by a trained assassin, although this is unconfirmed.

It should come as no surprise then, that Hillary became a little squirmish when grilled about how Seth Rich died by journalist Laura Loomer. “Hi, it’s so great to see you, thanks for having me,” Loomer said. “So the American people would really like to know…what happened to Seth Rich?”

Hillary Clinton became visibly angry, but tried to hold it down. She told Miss Loomer to “go read the book,” and after she continued to question Clinton about her involvement in the millions of dollars donated to a Haitian earthquake relief fund, she was escorted away by secret service.

Here’s the video.


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