MUST SEE: Journalist NAILS IT – Holds NOTHING BACK on London Terrorist Attack (Strong content)

radical islam terrorist london

This just in—The Rebel Media journalists Caolan Robertson and Tommy Robinson spill the truth about the London terrorist attacks.

Despite the whole city running around in shock, Tommy isn’t surprised:

“As we were walking around here, we’ve gone past young people, young girls with blankets over their heads from the shock.”

“This isn’t a shock to me. I don’t understand people who are surprised by this—we’ve had 12 suspected terrorist attacks planned last year.”

“If they’d have been successful, you’d have seen shopping centers, you’d have seen airplanes, you’d have seen nightclubs, you’d have seen a war zone on our streets, similar to this.”

What could he be getting at here? Where are all of these terrorist attacks coming from? Let’s listen and find out more:

“Then, and only then, might people realize we’re at war—we’re at war already! We have over 3,000 Muslims who are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week, EVERY WEEK! It costs us 9 billion pounds a year!”

“We’re following them, and waiting for them to do this [London terror attack]! We have had 450 ISIS fighters been allowed to return to our country!”

“They’ve been beheading people, they’ve been raping people, and they’re walking the streets of our capital city! They’re living with us!”

But Tommy, don’t you know, that’s racist! You can’t say that! Feelings are more important than facts, and if people get offended by this, that’s more important (according to Leftists).

radical islam terrorist london

Several pro-Islam individuals (they don’t say it, but you can tell), try to make Tommy backtrack and look like a fool, but he doesn’t give a flying f–k about their feelings. He spits the truth and tells it how it is!

Cucked Journalist #1: “You’re very quick to label this as a foreign terrorist attack.”

Based Tommy: “Because my head is not up my ASS! This is an Islamic Jihad attack! The man that did this would’ve either been radicalized in a prison, or he would’ve been radicalized on the streets of the UK with full knowledge of our government and our security services.”

Cucked Journalist #1: “Do you have information that no one else seems to have?”

Based Tommy: “Mate! I have information that shows their was 4 terrorist attacks last week in France. Four in France! There was 12 planned last year! Driving your car like this man has done, is exactly what the Inspire magazine, which is Al-Qaeda’s magazine, which was downloaded by 50,000 British Muslims last year!”

Based Tommy: “FIFTY THOUSAND British Muslims downloaded a terrorist manual in our country! Not 10, not 20, FIFTY THOUSAND people who want to see exactly what you see there! That’s what they want! They want war and death and destruction, and we keep on pandering and saying it has nothing to do with Islam!”

Coalan then goes on to COMPLETELY REAM the left for pandering to Radical Islam, saying that the blood of these deaths is on their hands (which it is):

Coalan: “The blood is on the hands of people like you, and the Left, who have allowed these people to come into our country and cause CHAOS!”

Coalan: “There are going to be knocks on the door of families tonight saying that their daughters, their mothers, and their family have been maimed and killed in the streets of our own capital…and the Left has allowed it to go unnoticed.”

Coalan: “These people who speak out against this are the ones who are trying to prevent it! And every single one of you who think this is funny, the blood is on your f–king hands.”

Wow, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m subscribing to their channel. YouTube, Facebook, Google, and the Left are trying to censor this…but we won’t let it happen.

Please share this page if you value the truth – we NEED TO WAKE MORE PEOPLE UP! We only have another year or two before this CANCER spreads to OUR COUNTRY!

Please, for the love of all that is good DO NOT REMAIN SILENT! All that it takes for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing, and we all know that any time you refuse to SPEAK OUT against the radical Islamification of America, you’re condoning it. We all know that…Silence is Consent!

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