Judge delivers another blow to Hillary Clinton, who is now about waist deep in legal trouble…

The Clintons have lived above the law for decades and decades, if what is happening with Hillary Clinton was a tide I would say it has risen to about her waist right about now…

This is her waist deep face.


The smart money is still on her never facing the consequences for any of her malfeasance behind bars, but stories like the one below could have a significant consequence on her electability. They would in a just world anyway.

From Powerline (bold is mine):

A federal district court judge today granted a motion by Judicial Watch for discovery into whether the State Department and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deliberately thwarted the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Bill Clinton appointee,

Sounds like this guy didn’t get the memo when Bill nominated him for this seat.

issued the ruling in a FOIA case seeking records about the controversial employment status of Huma Abedin, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Clinton.

In granting the motion, Judge Sullivan explained that months of piecemeal revelations about Clinton and the State Department’s handling of the email controversy created “at least a ‘reasonable suspicion’” that public access to official government records under the federal Freedom of Information Act was undermined…

So, while the FBI continues to investigate whether the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee committed felonies, discovery will proceed in federal court as to whether she deliberately thwarted federal law pertaining to document production.

I must be developing clairvoyance, because I can hear in my head the complaints coming from leftists about how inherently sexist the legal system is since nobody cared when Bill was breaking laws. Man oh man, just wait for it.

See the rest of the piece, including a statement from Judicial Watch, here.

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