‘JUST STOP IT!’ Watch Nancy Pelosi Scream at ‘Dreamers’ Who Crashed Her Press Conference (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi

Is there anyone left on the planet who still likes Nancy Pelosi?

On Monday, undocumented youth who qualify for the DACA plan – the so-called “Dreamers” – crashed Nancy Pelosi’s press conference. And it got ugly.

While most DACA recipients are decent kids who need help obtaining legal status, a handful of entitled, militant activists are demanding immediate amnesty for all “Dreamers.” Even liberal politicians who support DACA will not go that far, but that hasn’t stopped these vocal protesters.

Ironically, these militant “Dreamers” aren’t targeting just Republicans, although they obviously are upset with President Trump. Instead, they are targeting Democrats, who provide lip service but no answers.

When Pelosi held a press conference Monday to give out more lip service and discuss yet another immigration band aid, the DACA activists crashed the press conference, with a group of about 50 protesters chanting and refusing to let Pelosi speak.

At first, Nancy Pelosi tried to smile and reason with the protesters, to no avail. Finally, she screamed a number of things in an attempt to silence the protesters. She did not scream ‘Get Off My Lawn’ to the crowd, although we wish she had. Finally, she began screaming “Just stop it” as they chanted things like “you are a liar.”

The Daily Caller has more.

They (protesters) appeared upset that Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have been negotiating with Trump in order to pass a law that will grant amnesty to people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

“We undocumented youth demand a clean bill…We undocumented youth demand that you do not sell out our community and our values…We undocumented youth will not be a bargaining chip for Trump,” the agitators shouted, according to CBS San Francisco.

After the initial outburst from protesters, Pelosi tried to regain control of the event.

“Let me say this, because you’ve had your say, and it’s beautiful to our ears to hear you protecting your self dignity,” Pelosi began.

“No lip service!” the demonstrators chanted.

“Stop it. Just stop it now,” Pelosi repeated over and over.

“Yes or no!” the protesters screamed.

“To what?” Pelosi asked in response.

“We do not owe you nothing,” the protesters shouted, adding: “This is what democracy looks like!”

Here is a short video of Pelosi losing her cool.

Here is a longer video of the protest.

Pelosi has no one to blame but herself. Kids under the DACA have never been able to get legal status or apply for citizenship under the current immigration system, short of a getting an immigration to rule in their favor. Once they turn 18, the process is even tougher. Allowing a process for them to apply for legal status, if they break no additional laws while here, is supported by both parties.

Even President Trump has voiced support for “Dreamers” who serve in the military or go to college the chance to rectify their status. Since new immigrants and new citizens are barred by law from collecting welfare, they could easily pay back the system that has given so much to them.

And yet, Nancy Pelosi will find a way to blame Donald Trump.

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