JUSTICE! 25 Violent Leftists ARRESTED For ARSON, Vandalizing, and BEAR MACE Assault!

May Day Rioters

On May 1st, also known as “May Day,” 25 people were arrested after rioting and committing numerous acts of violence against Trump supporters.

Over the past 6 months, tensions have grown higher and higher between the Left and the Right—from the riots at Berkeley to the spreading influence of Anti-fa, it seems that the Left is hell bent on shutting down freedom of speech.

Trump supporters have stood their ground, though. Despite being viciously stabbed with makeshift knives, beaten with bike locks, and bear maced in the face, they’ve been pouring out in droves to defend freedom of speech from these scum.

At first, the police didn’t do much, but this has been starting to change over the past week or two. It seems that they’ve finally realized you can’t ignore anti-Trump rioters, because they’ll just get more and more violent.

The Portland Police Bureau reports:

“On Monday May 1, 2017, 25 people were arrested after a permitted May Day rally and march devolved into a riot after dozens of suspects committed numerous criminal acts including disorderly conduct, riot, arson, criminal mischief (vandalism), theft, and assault.”

“Prior to the permitted march beginning, officers took possession of numerous sticks, poles, and homemade shields from participants arriving at Shemanski Park in Southwest Portland.”

Despite the officers disarming the protesters, however, it still managed to turn violent. They report that the march started off violent, with “rocks and projectiles” being “launched at police officers and paramedics.”

“Shortly after that, the situation devolved into a full-scale riot with random acts of vandalism to Downtown businesses, cars, and public and private property. Various fires were set in the street and in garbage cans, a police car was spray-painted and vandalized, and there were attempts to set at least one business on fire. Numerous projectiles were thrown at or launched at police and firefighters including rocks, bottles, ball bearings, fireworks, smoke bombs, and road flares.”

Shortly after the arrest, the Portland Police tweeted the following mugshots:

They also tweeted the following, warning citizens not to go downtown:

Interestingly enough, despite these violent riots occurring more and more frequently, the mainstream media has been relatively silent. They’re quick to attack Trump for anyone who commits violence in his name, but when mobs of Leftists riot and attack innocent people, they’re nowhere to be found.

When said “protest,” turned into a riot, the Leftists followed their typical strategy of “hit and run,” where they surround a Trump supporter, beat him with weapons, and then run away. Despite this making it difficult for police to arrest them, the Portland Police did a phenomenal job:

“Criminal suspects were running all over Downtown Portland making it challenging for officers to effect arrests but eventually police were able to capture large groups of criminal suspects and make arrests in the area of Southwest 5th Avenue, Jefferson to Madison Streets. During the riot, there were limited deployments of less lethal munitions by police.”

The Police Chief, Mike Marshman, said that he’s “very proud of the professionalism of Portland Police officers, Portland Firefighters and the members of the other law enforcement agencies that worked to keep the peace in Downtown Portland under very difficult circumstances.” Thankfully, there’s plenty of good police on our side.

As a side note, the bureau has also offered a $2500 reward for “information about any other unsolved felony crime,” so if you have any information that they may find useful, you can call them at 503-823-4357.

If you’re repulsed by the immature┬ábehavior of these Leftists, please give this article a share. Thank you and God bless!

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