UNBELIEVABLE: Kathy Griffin says the Trumps are THE REAL VILLAINS of her controversial photo beheading President Trump (VIDEO)

kathy griffin trump press conference 2

A few days after Kathy Griffin posted her grotesque and tasteless photo of with a beheaded and bloodied President Trump and she has figured out who the real victim is.

Kathy Griffin. 

She also knows who the real villain in all of this is.

The Trumps.

She really believes that. Here’s the video (courtesy of Gateway Pundit). It’s un-be-lie-vable…

It’s all crocodile tears. Silence is Consent reported on Barron Trump’s reaction to Griffin’s sick “joke.” It turns out Barron is one of the targets of her sadistic brand of humor against the Trumps.

For easier reading the smoking gun of a quote is also below. This was an interview from a publication appropriately titled “Vulture” (bold emphasis is mine):

It’s a question a lot of comedians are asking themselves lately: What should comedy look like during the Trump presidency? “Now more than ever we must absolutely go for all the absurdities,” Kathy Griffin told Vulture at the Equality Now Gala Tuesday night. “For me, that’s Trump and all things Trump. It’s not about trying to be an equal-opportunity offender anymore because Hillary got such a beat down. It’s his turn. So I’m happy to deliver beat down to Donald Trump — and also to Barron. You know a lot of comics are going to go hard for Donald, my edge is that I’ll go direct for Barron. I’m going to get in ahead of the game.

And now she’s shocked…SHOCKED that people think this should be a career-ending mistake. Freedom of speech never guarantees freedom FROM accountability. Liberals hold everyone, conservatives especially, accountable for the things they say all the time. Kathy Griffin is getting a taste of that medicine and is just now figuring out how bitter it really is.

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