Kelly Clarkson: ‘I’m Sick of Moments of Silence,’ Demands Action on Gun Violence (VIDEO)

Kelly Clarkson

At Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards, host Kelly Clarkson addressed the Santa Fe school shooting in Texas, saying she was sick of gestures to honor the dead.

Instead, the Texas-born singer demanded action, presumably on gun control.

The awards show opened with Clarkson stepping onto the stage to address the Santa Fe shooting that left ten dead and more than a dozen injured. After remarking that Texas has seen its share of tragedy over the past year, Clarkson mentioned that the show’s producers wanted to begin the ceremony with a moment of silence for the Santa Fe victims. Clarkson said she objected.

“I’m so sick of moment(s) of silence. It’s not working,” an emotional Clarkson said during a speech that seemed spontaneous. “Why don’t we do a ‘moment of action.’ Why don’t we do a ‘moment of change.’ Change what’s happening. Because it’s horrible.” Clarkson has previously said she is a gun owner.

Clarkson did not elaborate as to what that meant or what it should entail.

Here is video of Clarkson’s statement at the opening of the awards/

Some people got a little too carried away with Clarkson’s speech, with one ready to endorse her for President. He also took a swipe at our current President at the same time.

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