WATCH: Disturbing “history project” by University of Texas stabbing suspect has been uncovered (VIDEO)

haitian revolution video by kendrex white

Reports and investigations into yesterday’s tragic and disturbing slaying of students at the University of Texas in Austin by Kendrex J. White has uncovered a disturbing video White and some classmates produced in 2012 for a history project, titled “Hatian Revolution.”

The Haitian Revolution was a successful and brutal anti-slavery uprising that led to the founding of the nation of Haiti. In addition to slaves fighting and killing slave owners many women and children fell victim to the violence of the revolting slaves.

While it’s always good to know human history, especially as it pertains to human rights abuse, this is a questionable subject for minors to take on, and the poor quality and execution of the video don’t help their case.

The video is around 14 minutes long (and “Revolution” is misspelled in the YouTube title, which probably and serendipitously kills – pun intended – it’s searchability), but it’s highly likely most people don’t get through the first minute. It’s that bad.

One thing is certain after watching this totally unwatchable video, depravity, or at least an interest in it, is no stranger to White. White and his classmates viewed this brutal and tragic time in Haitian history (as if their condition in modern times wasn’t bad enough) as something to make light of and laugh about, as can be seen and heard by the smiles and giggles in the almost incoherent opening sequence.

By contrast, check out the actual talent of, Harrison Brown, victim who died as a result of White’s homicidal attack. You be able to watch the entirety of this.

h/t The Gateway Pundit

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