In Columbus, Ohio; at Created Equal, they are thankful for brave students willing to stand tall in an era of compromise. This fall, three graduates of their internship program returned to their hometown of Fort Wayne, IN with the goal of defending babies. Now, they’re making headlines not backing down in spite of attacks against them! They Won’t Back Down: Meet the Fort Wayne, IN Team


Leading Created Equal outreach in Fort Wayne on busy overpasses, in downtown squares, and now at area high schools these graduates of Created Equal internship have changed the debate about abortion. Residents of the city no longer think about abortion in vague terms. They have seen the victims themselves.

Recently their team was attacked by Principal Mable of South Side High School (Fort Wayne Community Schools) while they were leading their outreach on public sidewalks adjacent to the school. The school thus far is refusing to admit wrongdoing. Spokesperson Krista Stockman said, “It’s just they were impeding students trying to get home from school. Whether they like it or not, these are children. They may be in high school, but they are children.”

Created Equals response: “High school students are having abortions and thus are old enough to see what it is.”

One thing is eminently clear: Though they are far younger than Principal Mable and the school administration, Lisbeth, Silas, and Austin are giving their city an education on what it means to be an adult. They are not joining a politically correct movement to scratch a social justice itch. Rather, they are proclaiming an inconvenient truth and refusing to back down in the face of pressure.

In the 1970’s when Roe vs. Wade was passed as law allowing the destruction of babies in the womb; we did not have the technology we have now We did not know babes felt pain at 4 weeks old, ot that their litle hands and feet were fully developed at 8 weeks old. We were ignorant. Today we know better and it is time we face what this nation is doing is killing babies for the sake of convenience. If you don’t want a child ; don’t have unprotected sex. Abortion kills a fetus. The word fetus is Latin for child. Anyway you put it, a baby in the womb is a child.


We are thankful for these bold students. We are thankful for all who defend babies. And we are thankful to everyone who supports this ministry.


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