‘KILL Trump’ Chants by ANTIFA Protesters CAUGHT ON VIDEO

Kill Trump

ANTIFA protesters and other assorted communists and socialists were caught on video chanting for the murder of President Donald Trump. The video, shot at Philadelphia’s May Day protest on Monday, has been largely ignored by the media.

The video was exclusively obtained by the Need to Know Network and posted on YouTube. It can be seen below. In it, protesters are seen using profane language. The chants “F— Trump” and “F— Pence” and “Organize in self-defense.”

At one point, around the nine-second point in the video, the chant of “Kill Trump” can be heard from at least one protester.

NTKNetwork.com provides more details.

It’s not clear if the protesters were suggesting others attempt to assassinate the president or was making his intentions known. In January, music star Madonna was investigated by Secret Service for saying she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” during a protest in Washington, D.C.

At the same Philadelphia protest, a group called RefuseFascism.org was handing out flyers that said that President Trump was “more dangerous to the world than even Hitler.”

As we reported late last week, Refuse Fascism is a group whose leaders include Bill Ayers, an old friend of President Obama and a former member of the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group. Ayers admitted to participating in bombings that killed several people. Charges against him were dropped after it was revealed the FBI violated the law in their investigation against him.


The video has been largely ignored by the media and there is no word if the Secret Service is investigating the threats.

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