KILLARY NEEDS A NAP! The Hillary Campaign Van Has a Bed, and YOU Paid For It!

Hillary Campaign Van


Among the gems in Sunday’s WikiLeaks document dump of John Podesta’s emails was a reminder that Hillary Clinton is, after all, still an elderly grandmother. Folks, let’s talking about the official Hillary Clinton van. With bed.

Apparently, all of this information was no secret; the email (which can be seen here) is simply a forwarded story by Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard from 2015. It revealed that Hillary’s van has a bed (perfect for naps) and top-of-the-line amenities. By the way, don’t tell the radical environmentalists, but the van is one of the worst gas guzzlers on the road. And, surprise: you paid for it with your tax dollars! The van belongs to the Secret Service, and is not paid for by the Hillary Campaign.

From the email’s article excerpt:

Hillary Clinton has arrived at her first campaign stop, completing the 965 mile trip from Chappaqua, New York to Le Claire, Iowa in about two days time. Her choice of transportation? A Secret Service owned and operated van.

The van, however, isn’t an everyday minivan or even a full-sized van. It’s a luxury vehicle outfitted with top amenities. “It’s very luxurious,” a salesman who helped deliver this vehicle tells me on the phone. “I’d rank it up there with the best.”

The model being used to chauffeur Hillary Clinton around has a gray leather interior, heated seat, a 29 inch Samsung television, and a Blu-ray/DVD player. There is no refrigerator in the van. However, Hillary’s model does feature an ice chest between the two front seats. The middle chairs are swivel and quick release. Indirect lighting (like mood lighting) throughout the vans.

Oh, and there’s a bed. The power sofa in the rear of the vehicle converts into a bed. But given the fact it’s only a 6 foot wide vehicle, it might have been a little hard to get a proper night’s sleep in it.

But it’s not exactly great for the environment. It’s a 2014 model all-wheel-drive that gets only 16-18 miles per gallon. Indeed, because of rising regulated fuel efficiency standards, it’s the last of its kind. Due to Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations, they don’t make them like this anymore. And 2014 was the last year one could get an all-wheel-drive van like this, the salesman tells me on the phone. The customer, the salesman says, insisted on all-wheel-drive.

The salesman was not able to give me the exact price the Secret Service paid for the vehicle (as it went through a third party dealership) but guessed that it cost taxpayers something like $60,000.

It must be nice being Hillary, aside from selling your soul to Satan. At least you get to ride around in a luxury van while preaching about economic responsibility. You also get to wag your finger at Americans for not being environmentally responsible while riding in a gas-guzzler. Best of all, the taxpayers you despise are paying for your vehicle.

And, of course, there are the naps.



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