KISS Smashes Kaepernick In The Greatest & Most PATRIOTIC Way Imaginable


I have been a KISS fan since I was a boy (about 12) years old. I personally can’t believe that I am still be able to see these amazing guys still performing today. I was delightfully surprised when I saw a piece done by our friends over at Clash Daily on Kiss standing up for America and our National Anthem!

How do you put ‘Social Justice warriors’ in their place? Let KISS show you how it’s REALLY done. Turn your speakers up, and enjoy the Video!

Notice what they didn’t do:
They did NOT hijack someone ELSE’s business (or sport) as a platform for their own personal agenda.

(Looking at YOU Kaepernick.)

The people here, had tickets to see KISS. This was their OWN concert, their OWN fans, in which the band was free to say whatever they wanted to say. They certainly exercised that freedom.

THIS is what they had to say… and it was awesome.


FIRST, they put their money where their mouth is.

Here’s a screenshot:


A cheque for $150K for military hiring.

SECOND, they explained the DIRECT connection between the freedoms we too easily take for granted, and our great men and women in uniform.

(It’s a lesson a lot of media pundits could use a refresher course on.)

THIRD They not only appreciate this great nation with all the uniquely American opportunities and freedoms it has to offer, but they lead their rockin’ fans in a spontaneous Pledge of Allegiance.

Finally they did what rockers do best … they got LOUD!

Crank up the speakers and listen to a magnificent rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

And be sure to catch what’s said just before the Pledge of Allegiance. You’ll have a whole new respect for these guys.

God Bless America!

H/T Clash Daily

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