DID YOU KNOW? Melania Trump Starred in a 2005 Aflac Duck Commercial – WATCH IT HERE

Melania Trump

In the Oval Office Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump met with executives from Aflac. In the course of their conversation, as part of a photo opp, the President mentioned that Melania once starred in an Aflac commercial in 2005, when they were newlyweds.

That sent people running to YouTube looking for it, but fear not. We have it for you. The commercial is included below.

Melania plays a Bride of Frankenstein-type who has her consciousness transferred to the Aflac duck. There’s even a mad scientist who even resembles Tim Kaine. Seriously, check it out – it looks like him.

The Daily Mail provides the background on the commercial, which even featured the Aflac duck.

President Donald Trump got a pair of Aflac socks on Wednesday from a representative of the insurance company, and boasted that he has a family connection to its famous slogan-shouting duck.

‘Your chairman I know very well, and he’s done a fantastic job,’ Trump told Michael Porter, the company’s emissary to the Oval Office.

‘He actually, a long time ago, hired my wife to do a big commercial. You know that, right? An Aflac commercial. And I think it was a successful commercial, too,’ the president announced during an Oval Office event centered on tax reform.

Sure enough, Melania shot an Aflac ad in 2005 when the pair were newlyweds. She played the subject of a Frankenstein’s-monster experiment in which her brain is swapped with that of the duck mascot.

The mad scientist announces his intention at the top of the 30-second spot – shot in black-and-white – to ‘take the voice of this lovely woman and put it into this duck!’

‘Why?’ asks a half-toothy Igor figure.

‘To tell the world the benefits of Aflac – with sex appeal!’ the ascot-sporting crazy man answers.

After the pipe organ-accented transmogrification, the duck talks with Melania’s unmistakable Eastern European voice.

‘If you’re hurt and can’t work, Aflac can help pay your bills with cash,’ it says.

Seconds later Melania sits up and quacks, ‘AFLAC!’ – sounding like the famous duck.

The spot ends with a freaked-out Melania realizing that she also has the duck’s webbed feet.

The first lady used to include the ad in her modeling promotional materials.

Here’s the commercial:

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