Kooky Kimmel Attacks Trump Once Again – INSTANTLY Regrets it After What Trump Said During Minnesota Rally [VID]

We all know that Hollywood HATES President Trump. Ever since he started his campaign for President in 2016, they viciously attacked him and took every chance they could to smear him. One such Hollywood puppet is Jimmy Kimmel, who recently said police should “lock up” the entire Trump family—but little did he know what President Trump had in store for him.

Hollywood has partnered with the Democrats, George Soros, and other evil minds, to destroy this country from within. Long ago, enemies of America realized that we’re far too strong to attack head on—so instead of using violence against us, they’re trying to brainwash our youth.

Every day, they churn out more and more propaganda about how “innocent people” are being harmed by ICE, when in reality border patrol is keeping us SAFE from MS-13 members, who would likely end up voting Democrat anyway. Jimmy Kimmel is one of the worst when it comes to this type of propaganda.

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He’s made sure to monetize every single mass shooting we’ve had over the past few years, and his fans can’t get enough. So imagine their surprise when Kimmel launched into another tirade about President Trump…how original. Lifezette reports on his rant:

Going after President Donald Trump and his family has become a crutch for late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

It’s his knee-jerk reaction to absolutely everything, and it’s getting oh, so tiresome.

He did it again on Wednesday night.

Kimmel found a way to criticize the president over his executive order to end family separation among illegal immigrants.

“Thank you [Trump] for your courage. For those keeping score, Trump signed an order reversing a policy that yesterday he said he couldn’t reverse, it was unreversible,” Kimmel said. “Somehow today he managed to reverse the unreversible, which is remarkable, and unremarkable, at the same time. Now, thanks to this new order, instead of being separated, families from other countries will be locked up together. Hopefully starting with his.”

Kimmel is beyond desperate at this point to attack the president over absolutely everything he does.

Funny enough, it doesn’t matter how many times these nasty Democrats continue to attack President Trump—he always has a better answer. In response to all these attacks about how he’s “ripping families apart,” President Trump had the following to say at a rally given recently:

Even as he vowed that illegal immigrant families would no longer be separated at the border — after signing an executive order to that effect earlier in the day — Trump promised to keep the border “as tough as it’s been.”

Cheers of “build the wall” prompted Trump to reply, “The wall has been started. San Diego and lots of differnet places, but boy it’s tough — they want to do anything they can to obstruct and make sure it doesn’t happen. But it’s happening.”

As two protesters who interrupted his speech were led out of the arena, Trump told them to go home to their “mom” and in one case asked, “Was that a man or a woman, because he needs a haircut more than I do. I couldn’t tell.”

To cheers of “Space Force,” Trump then reminded the audience of his plan to have the Pentagon establish a branch of the armed forces focused on military activities in space.

Obama carried Minnesota’s 8th District in both 2008 and 2012, but Trump won decisively there over Hillary Clinton by a margin of more than 15 points — a swing made possible in part by the president’s tough talk on trade.

Stauber is running to replace retiring Democratic-Farmer-Labor Rep. Rick Nolan, with his opponent to be determined in an August primary.

That’s our President at work, folks—he knows just what to say to these insane liberals! They want to allow completely open borders to destroy our country, and they use “tearing families apart” as a way to attack Trump? No worries, now he’s going to keep them TOGETHER as a family! Only this time, they’ll be TOGETHER in whatever country they came from.

If you’re PROUD that this patriotic man is our President despite people like Jimmy Kimmel, please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless America, and God bless President Trump!

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