LA Times: 395 Women Now Accuse An Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker of Sexual Misconduct

James Toback

Note: Some of the details of this story are not safe for work.

Nearly 400 women have now come forward to accuse an Oscar-nominated filmmaker of sexual misconduct. Some are even leveling charges of sexual assault.

In October, the Los Angeles Times reported that 38 women had come forward to accuse 73-year-old James Toback of sexual misconduct. Since then, hundreds more have come forward, and the Times now says a total of 395 women have made accusations of misconduct over decades of his career. They also report that the Los Angeles County district attorney is conducting five separate investigations into the accusations.

James Toback

The Daily Mail has more.

In October, the LA Times published an investigation that saw 38 women accusing Toback of sexual misconduct, with 31 going on the record.

Since that initial story ran in late October, 357 women contacted Times reporter Glenn Whipp, sharing stories of the writer-director approaching them on the streets of Manhattan and Los Angeles, on trains and airplanes.

Most of the accounts involved Toback telling them he wanted to cast them in a movie, which often led to a range of unwanted sexual advances and actions.

Toback has also denied all of the subsequent allegations on multiple occasions.

Toback, who received an Oscar nomination for writing ‘Bugsy,’ has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women. Many of the women said Toback had promised them stardom and their meetings would end with sexual questions and Toback masturbating in front of them or simulating sexual intercourse with them.

Among them are Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams, who have both now detailed times they were harassed at the hands of the 72-year-old after being invited to an audition at his hotel room.

And both told Vanity Fair that they decided to come forward about their experiences after reading the confessions of other women, and after watching Toback vehemently deny all of the allegations.

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