Las Vegas Sheriff: Shooter Likely Had Accomplice – “He Had to Have Help”

Las Vegas shooting accomplice

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, likely had someone helping him in the lead-up to the mass shooting that killed 58 and wounded nearly 500, the Las Vegas sheriff has confirmed.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo is now looking into the possibility of a second accomplice, as reports surface that he was seen with a woman at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Lombardo has also revealed that Paddock intended to survive the attack and escape, based on evidence they found. It was one of several revelations about the shooting that is now the most deadly in United States history.

It is now believed that Paddock had to have assistance “at some point” to help pull off the attack, according to Lombardo, who says the shooter would have had to have been a “super hero” to plan, set-up, and execute the shooting all on his own.

Sheriff Lombardo speculates that Paddock stopped shooting to try and escape the hotel, as he had a car packed with guns and explosives waiting. However, a hotel security guard had already positioned himself outside of his room, cornering him in. Paddock fired over 200 shots outside of the door, desperate to escape, to no avail. The security guard was shot but will survive.

Authorities also revealed that Paddock planned to explode a group of fuel tanks across the street from the festival, but his bullets did not pierce the tanks and ignite the fuel. That is why a second set of windows in his suite were broken out, which provided a better angle.

Finally. we now know that, contrary to internet speculation, Paddock wrote nothing on the paper that was left on a table, which many speculated was a suicide note.

The Daily Mail has more.

Stephen Paddock, 64, had planned to escape the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel after firing on the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo revealed in a press conference Wednesday.

Lombardo declined to reveal why he believed that Paddock had an exit planned, but said he was confident in the claim – and said that his scheme was so elaborate that he would have to be a ‘super hero’ to pull it off alone. Several law enforcement sources told NBC that investigators are looking to speak with a woman who was seen with Paddock in his last days, when his girlfriend was out of the country. They don’t know if she’s connected to the attack but want to speak with her to fill in their timeline of the lead-up to the attack.

Lombardo said Paddock lived a ‘secret life’ and ‘meticulously planned on the worst domestic attack in United States history.’

‘Stephen Paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and lived a secret life, much of which will never be fully understood,’ Lombardo said.

He also announced that the count of people injured in the attack was lower than initially stated – 489, not 527 – due to confusion at hospitals.

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